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NATURE’S SECRETS Aloe Miracle Foot Care Cream

Heals cracks and soothes feet. Prevents itchiness and drying of feet. Eliminates unpleasant foot odours. Visibly reduces dry skin on legs. Aloe Vera in this cream soothes, moisturises and nourishes the skin, leaving your feet smooth and healthy. Directions: Apply on feet and legs. For best results, use daily for a minimum of 2 weeks. Important: For external use only. In case of an irritation or allergy, rinse off and discontinue. Best For Best for - Soft, Healthy Feet & Legs Key Natural Ingredients  Key Natural Ingredients - Aloe Vera Extract, Virgin Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Beeswax Skin Type Skin Types - Dry Skin  

NATURE’S SECRET Cinnamon Hand Cream

A unique natural blend of the finest aromatic Cinnamon Bark Oil from Ceylon, nourishing Organic Virgin Coconut Oil from the tropics, fresh Aloe Vera, and hydrating Olive Oil in this creamy, mineral oil-free formula effectively provides relief from dry skin. The rich texture leaves hands refreshingly soft, smooth and intensely moisturised. The natural, distinctive aroma of Ceylon Cinnamon helps calm and soothe your senses. Best For Best for - Moisture & Relaxing Aroma Key Natural Ingredients  Key Natural Ingredients - Cinnamon Bark Oil, Virgin coconut Oil, Olive Oil Skin Type Skin Types - All  

Misumi Kyota Blossoms

Discover the boundless beauty and elegance of Kyoto in bloom. Be transformed to a treasured land of refreshing floral splendor , ancient romance and purity, captured so intricately by the gentle freshness of citrus notes that gracefully melt in to a beautiful floral heart of Lily of the Valley, sweetly fragrant Freesia, precious Jasmine and enticing Gardenia. A medley of warm base notes of silky Musk, exotic Patchouli and sweet Vanilla softly embraces with enduring freshness.

Misumi Romansu

Capture the most tender moments of romance with this alluring floral fragrance, deeply warmed by the stunning grace of Jasmine, rain kissed Lilies and sweet scented Tulips, brightened by hints of exquisite Carnation. The luxurious base of this intimate fragrance unveil s with lavish Amber and sensuous Musk, delicately embraced in the enticing lingering softness of Ylang Ylang.

Misumi MoMo

A refreshing burst of joyous freshness reminiscent of Momo flowers in spring, this floral fruity fragrance captivates your senses with flirtatious hints of crisp Green Apple and sparkling Lemon. A feminine floral heart of exotic Ylang Ylang, tender Rose and enchanting Gardenia, with sprinkles of sweet Orange Blossoms add soft warmth to a rich base of Sandalwood, Cedar and Musk for an irresistible fragrance of femininity, vivacity and elegance.

Sucses Emerald

An energizing fragrance for captivatingly determined men, Emerald by Sucses opens with top notes of citrusy Bergamot and Elemi Oil, complemented by hints of Fruity and sharp Spicy notes. Middle notes composed of fresh aromatic Mint leaves and woody Lentiscus are placed on a strong masculine base of Musk and Marine accord for an intensely charismatic trail.

Sucses Ruby

A celebration of masculine sensuality and sophistication, this fragrance opens with top notes of alluring Spice and clean, fresh Citrus, embellished with middle notes of aromatic Sage. Enveloped by a rich, lingering base of warm Amber, and the seductively woody and musky scent of Cashmeran, Ruby by Sucses is an iconic, sensual signature scent for ­­the sophisticated, contemporary man.

Sucses Sapphire

This masculine fragrance embodies the richness, intensity and vitality of the Sapphire gemstone. A crisp fresh marine top note with nuances of citrusy Lemon and Grapefruit interlaces into a masculine heart of sharp Spicy notes, woody Pine Needle and Lavender. Rich Patchouli and sensual Musk form a lingering base of strength and confidence.

NATURE’S SECRETS Peppermint Facial Wash

Be pimple and acne free! A cooling, delightful wash, rich in Peppermint Oil, Nut-grass, Myrobalan and acne-ridding ingredients to help you say goodbye to acne and pimples. Controls excess oiliness and clears clogged pores without over drying. Skin friendly at pH 5.5-6.0 and 100% soap free. Best For Best for - Reducing Pimples & Acne Key Natural Ingredients  Key Natural Ingredients - Peppermint Oil, Nut Grass, Myrobalan, Cinnamon Skin Type Skin Types - Acne & Pimples  

NATURE’S SECRETS Cucumber Facial Wash

Diminish oiliness and take pleasure in facing the world with a natural clear glow. Now you can reduce excess oil and pimples with the richness of Cucumber extract. Cucumber Face Wash is scientifically proven to contain natural anti-oxidants. It’s never too late to revitalise for a fresher and radiant look. Skin Friendly at pH 5.5-6.0 and 100% soap free. Best For Best for - Reducing Oiliness & Pimples Key Natural Ingredients  Key Natural Ingredients - Cucumber Skin Type Skin Types - Oily  

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