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Deepavali Kalika Gift

RM258.10 RM225.00
Embark in the journey of discovering the beauty of nature within you. Beauty of a festive begins in the heart of giving. For the remarkable giving of festive of lights, share the true beauty of nature as it is. As Kalika means bud of a flower in Sanskrit. A gift that opens the blooming sensation of a lovely being in everyone dear to you.

Deepavali Morara Set

RM251.30 RM200.00
A peacock is always captivating and symbolizes to beauty beyond words. Morara, simply means a beautiful peacock. Captivate your body, mind and soul with nature's best tropical heritage in every products. The best gift for the loved ones during festive season. Ayurvedic remedies, tales of million ancestors told in Nature's Secrets.

Deepavali Reasmey Set

RM166.30 RM150.00
Be a sunshine, Reasmey, in everyone's life. Pass your radiance and glow to others around you. Let your inner ray be contagious and lit the secrets of Nature to the world at large. Deepavali simple means, lights of a lamp that eradicates darkness and explores brightness to eternity. Bring the brightness of your beauty to wherever you go.