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NATURE’S SECRETS Red Rice Wrinkle Reduction Cream

RM49.90 RM37.40
Naturally occurring anti-oxidants and vitamins in red rice bran effectively reduce wrinkle formulation. Rice bran also helps improves skin elasticity. Virgin Coconut Oil softens and relieves dryness and flaking of skin. Almond oil is enriched with antioxidants and vitamins. Due to its high nutrient contents, this oil is used as a skin care product, and also acts as a great skin moisturizer. Olive oil contains major antioxidants including vitamin E which helps protect the skin from premature skin aging. Olive Oil also helps moisturise and restore skin smoothness. Stounding age defying ability of natural anti-oxidants and vitamins in Red Rice Bran and sebum-like fatty acids in Virgin Coconut Oil, working in concert with Sodium Hyaluronate and Retinol (Vitamin A), fight those wrinkles away. Natural Olive and Almond Oils provide moisture enhancement to the formula’s wrinkle fighting potential, leaving behind a beautiful youthful complexion. File:Thumbs-up-icon.png - Wikimedia Commons Best for - Anti-Ageing Ingredient Icons - 2,970 free vector icons    Key Natural Ingredients - Red rice Barn, Almond Oil, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Face Beauty Icons - Download Free Vector Icons | Noun Project   Skin Types - Normal & Dry