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NATURE’S SECRETS Peppermint Facial Wash

Peppermint Oil contains menthol that has a cooling effect and at the same time, works to brighten up dull skin. It controls the secretion of excess oil and prevents clogging of pores and outbreak of acne. Nut-grass rhizome extract is scientifically proven to contain skin lightening activity and high levels of anti-oxidants that help protect your skin. In Ayurveda, Myrobalan (Aralu) is one of the most frequently used herbs. The fruit has strong anti-bacterial properties and has been used for treating skin diseases. Be pimple and acne free! A cooling, delightful wash, rich in Peppermint Oil, Nut-grass, Myrobalan and acne-ridding ingredients to help you say goodbye to acne and pimples. Controls excess oiliness and clears clogged pores without over drying. Skin friendly at pH 5.5-6.0 and 100% soap free. File:Thumbs-up-icon.png - Wikimedia Commons  Best for - Reducing Pimples & Acne Ingredient Icons - 2,970 free vector icons     Key Natural Ingredients - Peppermint Oil, Nut Grass, Myrobalan, Cinnamon Face Beauty Icons - Download Free Vector Icons | Noun Project    Skin Types - Acne & Pimples